School Uniforms Essay

Essays on School Uniform

School uniform is a vast topic to talk about. School uniforms have become a norm and they have been adopted in almost all schools all over the world. Some argue that school uniforms cost them extra money and without school uniforms in practice parents could save some money. Contrary to this, some other researchers are of the view that school uniforms can save parents a handsome amount of money. Both parties mentioned above have their own logical reasons to support their arguments which we will discuss below in this article.

Now let us come to our main point that what could be the best topics on school uniforms. I have researched a lot about this and came up with some of the topics listed below:

Best Titles for Essays on School Uniforms:

  • Emergence of the concept of school uniforms
  • Cost of school uniforms and school mafia
  • Effect of school uniform on child’s personality
  • Why are school uniforms so important?

Emergence of the concept of school uniforms

There is no clear evidence about the start of school uniforms. Some resources link school uniforms to the 13th century and 16th century.

Some historians believe that school uniforms were first introduced by Christ Hospital School in London in 1252. Even before this happened, in 1222, Archbishop of Canterbury ordered the wearing of cappa clausa.

Thus, uniforms emerged and they achieved a high embracement among schools, colleges etc. and are still being practiced worldwide. Although school uniforms are considered to impede students’ uniqueness and their personal attributes, still school uniforms are mandatory in almost every school. School uniforms are also considered old fashioned, but they are continuously upgraded according to latest fashion trends.

Cost of school uniforms and school mafia

Some parents claimed that school uniforms are expensive. They further said that their children were returned back to home for not wearing school uniforms. After further inquiry from parents, we came to know that most of the time school uniforms do not fit properly to the child that causes uncomfortability.

There is another stance that school uniforms can save parents a huge amount of money. By buying a pair of uniforms they will not have to buy different types of clothes for their children. Uniforms also eliminate class difference, ultimately curbing the chance of a poor child feeling marginalised. Uniforms allow poverty stricken parents to keep their children from a sense of inferiority as both children belonging proletariat and bourgeoisie classes would be in the same kind of dresses.

Some profit-mongering and over-autonomous schools make it compulsory for  their students to buy school uniforms from schools only. They raise the price per uniform and parents are compelled to buy at higher cost compared with market price. This is an insult for those parents who labour hard to be able to give their students a quality education.

Effect of school uniform on child’s personality

There are varying views of experts over whether school uniforms add in the personal development or cast a negative impact on a child’s personality. Both groups have their own logical reasoning and evidence to support their stances.

Let’s first go through the pros of school uniforms on personality

School uniform enhance professionalism

Those in favour of school uniforms are of the view that school uniforms enhance a sense of professionalism among students. Uniforms create a professional environment in school and inculcate professionalism among students. This trait helps students in job and professional environments, even at their homes they show a sense of discipline around  their family and parents.

Eliminate costly brand competition among students

Suppose school uniforms were not mandatory in schools. Children would indulge in a competition of who wears better and most costly. Those students from well-off family backgrounds would take the lead in this competition, while those from poor families would adopt inferiority complexes that can ruin someone’s whole life.

Uniforms play a major role to prevent a sense of competition in unnecessary things and students become more focused in educational competitions that is more positive and beneficial in the long run.

School uniforms promote equality

School uniforms promote equality, especially social equality. No child considers himself inferior to his peers, friends, classmates or schoolmates. If there were no school uniform system, he would have been distracted from studies by their charming and outclass dresses that his parents could not afford. Therefore, school uniforms play a great role in maintaining social harmony, equality and curbing every kind of class difference.


Now, let’s take a look at the cons of school uniforms on personality

Uniforms hinder individualism

School uniforms keep students from showing their individualistic traits through their dresses. Students can’t show their uniqueness by wearing the same kind of clothes everyday. Analysts argue that uniforms snatch from students their identity and they get lost in a crowd of other students.

Uniforms Snatch creativity from children

Some analysts are of the view that students cannot show and improve their creativity by wearing the same kind of dress everyday. Contrary to uniform, normal dress allows students to match different colours and styles to adopt one’s own sense of style and change it depending on the situation, mood and environment.

Responsibility development among students is denied

Analysts who are against school uniform argue that students cannot develop their responsibility skills. They claim that choice of dressing enhances the ability to take responsibilities of life matters. Moreover, parents ought to enable their children to make choices from a very little age. This act might prove to be a life changer.

Why are school uniforms so important?

School uniforms are considered really important in maintaining discipline and grooming of children. School uniforms are in practice all over the world despite above mentioned reservations about school uniforms. A survey of Great Schools revealed that 54% students were able to maintain their identity while 50% claimed that school uniforms are really economic. School uniforms have also been helpful in reducing crimes by 91%, as per the figure mentioned by Artistic Brain. Even Bill Clinton in 1996 asked 16,000 school districts to embrace uniform policy.