National Olive Day — June 1, 2020

National Olive Day

National Olive Day — June 1, 2020

National Olive Day is celebrated at 1st June .Nutritional diet is considered a top-most priority of all of us, and we all try to focus on consuming a healthy and balanced diet. There are seven most important ingredients in our diet that we all study in our science and biology books. These ingredients are vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers and water. Among them, fats are a major ingredient found in olives and is a basic necessity of our body. We can consume olives in the form of pickles, or in any dish like pasta, desi food, pizza and in many other dishes. Olives are not only most desirable due to its nutritional value but also because of their taste and texture, although a raw olive is bitter in taste, somehow.

History of National Olive Day:

Olive has a history connected to mediterranian regions, however, it is liked and loved all over the world, now. In fact, the oldest tree of olive is situated in Ano Vouves, Crete, Greece, a mediterranian country.

National Olive Day has been added in the calendar by Divina since 2015 and is celebrated every year on June 1.

Olive branch as a symbol of peace:

There is a phrase, “extending an olive branch”, that means let us make peace. The phrase has its history linked back to the ancient times of Romans and Greeks. They used to raise an olive branch during a war to indicate that they want peace. Furthermore, olive branch served as an indicator of the vicinity of an island during the time of Noah when he along with his family members and some animals rode on a ship made by Noah.

What could we do on National Olives Day:

Post pictures on social media while eating olives:

You could make a dish or dishes that include olives and post your pictures while making and eating those dishes on social media. You can also use #nationaloliveday, and others alike, while posting your pictures.

Invent a new olive recipe:

You can try on some new methods of cooking dishes containing olives or you can invent your new dish that contains olives. For this purpose, you don’t need to be a masterchef, you just need to be a simple cook and have a little interest in cooking.

Visit a mediterranean restaurant:

Olives have their relation with mediterranean region, so you could pay a visit to any mediterranean restaurant along with your friends or family and have a nice and tasty dish containing olives.

Why does national olives day mean so much?

Olives are quite healthy

Yes, olives contain highly nutritional nutrients that are very important for a healthy diet. You can replace your simple vegetable oil with olive oil for cooking meals. Apart from health fats, olives contain sufficient amounts of copper, iron, and vitamin E.

Even unripened olive is healthy

Yes, olives are among those rare fruits that won’t harm you in any condition, whether it be an unripened olive, though it has bitter taste initially picked. The bitterness of these olives is removed by treating them with water, brine, or lye.

National Olive Day Dates

Year Date Day
2020 June 1 Monday
2021 June 1 Tuesday
2022 June 1 Wednesday
2023 June 1 Thursday
2024 June 1 Saturday