Happy Labour Day 2020 – 1st May International Worker Day

happy labour day

Happy Labour Day 2020 – May Day 2020 – 1 May 2020

Labour Day, also called May Day, has been celebrated in most of the countries of the world for decades. Demonstrations are held and people gather in rallies to celebrate this day in congregations. Some people stay home and enjoy this public holiday with their families. The labour day is celebrated in more than 80 countries officially while some other countries celebrate it unofficially. Whatever people do to celebrate this day, the main focus of this day should be to give tribute to the services of labourers that they offer to run the wheel of economy.

Having mentioned that, there is plenty of informal labour, especially in third world countries, who is at the mercy of its owner or incharge. People are forced by their plight to work 12 to 14 hours a day and still given unparalleled wages that hardly fulfill their basic life needs. The worst case scenario is the women and the children in labour.

History of the Labour Day

It all started when the American Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions demanded an eight-hour workday, starting from May 1st, 1886. After this, a riot took place in the Haymarket, in Chicago, in 1886, to enforce the demand of eight hour work policy. The police were trying to shatter the crowd when a bomb was dropped from somewhere that resulted in the death of some policemen along with a few civilians.

The first celebration was observed on May 1st, 1990, after the proclamation of international congress of socialist parties on 14th of July, 1889. May 1st was regarded as “Workers Day of International Unity and Solidarity”. From that day onwards the Labour Day started acquiring acknowledgement all over the world and till the end of 20th century, most of the countries had officially recognised this day as the Labour Day or May Day.

Labour Day in Different Countries

What states have Labour Day holiday?

After the proclamation of this day, countries started observing this day as a public holiday and issued legislations to support the labour. However, America was reluctant to adopt labour day, but after seeing the curiosity among the world countries towards this day, she also started observing this day as a national holiday, but not on May 1st, but on the first Monday of September. Some analysts are of the opinion that as Labour Day is an official day in communist countries, it might be the reason behind the other date.

However, in most of the European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries, the Labour Day is celebrated on May 1st every year.

Purpose of the Labour Day

As discussed earlier, the initial purpose of this day was to reduce the working hours to eight. This was applied in most of the countries officially, however, it has not been adopted for unofficicial labour, especially in third world countries. People are compelled to work late hours and still not be justified with the income they earn to fulfill their needs. Furthermore, there are no specific rights of the labour as compared to the privileged white collar job holders. They are not even given the minimum salary as set by the government or authority, because they are unaware of their rights due to illiteracy.

Similarly, poor farmers who work all the day in fields, regardless of the weather conditions, receive inadequate reward for their labour. In return, the landlords become more and more wealthier with the hard work put in by their labourers.

Women and children in labour is another issue of the society. Children, who need to in schools, work day and night to earn for their families. No one cares about what these people go through, rather they are the ignored sector of our society.

These people might not even know what labour day is and what is the purpose of this day. For most daily wages workers, it’s just another day of work because they need to earn to be able to feed their families’ hungry and starving tummies.

There are legislations and rights set by most of the governments. The main issue is its thorough implementation at different levels of the society. We ought to educate these people about their rights and discourage the maltreatment by the privileged class who controls this labour.

What do people do on Labour Day?

In countries where Labour Day is a public holiday, people set out of their homes and indulge in rallies across the streets and roads. Traffic gets stopped or slowed to allow public rallies to pass. People show demonstrations and show compassion and solidarity for the deprived labour class.

However, other people, on the other hand, remain inside their homes and enjoy with their families and spend time with them. They either watch netflix, do some barbecue, or play some games or do all these activities at different times.

What should we do on Labour Day?

Raise awareness on social media

Labourers all around the world suffer precarious situations that need to be addressed. We all must have seen someone or have come in contact with someone who had faced difficulty or been maltreated at the hands of the owner, CEO, or incharge. They might not be aware of their rights or they have no choice except to bear the harsh treatment to earn their livelihood. We can become their voice and can help them survive their precarious situations. We should post stories about these distressed and repressed poor people on facebook, youtube, twitter and other social media platforms, so that the world could know and understand about their plight.

Make the day of a labourer

It is even an internationally recognised day for labourers. We can go out and help those who are still working on this day and make them feel that they are not ignored, rather they have importance in our society. We can also give them a gift or something that could bring a smile on their and their families’ faces. If we can’t find someone outdoors, there must be our servants in our homes and we could do the same with them, however, they have the first right compared to those outside of our homes. If we don’t even have servants then there might be our mother who does the labour of cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. or your father who works hard to make your lives easier. We can give them a thank you card to encourage them and show some gratitude for their services.

Attend peaceful rallies

We can attend and indulge in peaceful rallies that could make an impact on the society. This can also show the labourers that they are not alone and their voices have been raised and will be heard all around the world.


We are all labourers in one form or the other. We all are social animals and we strive hard to survive and thrive. Some of us put more effort into their work than others, but sometimes the fruit of hard-work does not get divided on a fair basis. Some people put little effort and get luxurious lives, while others strive hard even for a two times meal.

Furthermore, it was wisely referred that a day should be divided in three phases of eight hours: one phase for work and labour, one for recreational activities and the last one for sleep. In this regard, there should be a proper rule of eight hour work, and it is the right of every human. Moreover, we should never compromise on labour versus the pay for that labour.

We can hope that the world has equal opportunities for each and everyone, regardless of their social status.

What date is Labour Day in Australia?

Labour Day is celebrated on the very first Monday of the month of October. In 2020, Labour Day will be celebrated on 5th of October.

Following are the dates on which Labour Day was celebrated in Australia previously:

Monday Oct 07, 2013
Monday Oct 06, 2014
Monday Oct 05, 2015
Monday Oct 03, 2016
Monday Oct 02, 2017
Monday Oct 01, 2018
Monday Oct 07, 2019
Monday Oct 05, 2020

What is labour day in march in victoria/What is Labour Day Victoria?

In Victoria, Labour Day is celebrated on the second Monday of March every year. In 1856, there was an eight hour day march in victoria that had been successful in achieving most of the important rights of the labourers.

Is Labour day a public holiday in Victoria?

Yes, in Victoria Labour Day is celebrated as a public holiday officially. People organise different events to raise the voice for the rights of labour. However, there are several rights of the labourers that have been officially recognised there.

Why is Labour day different in Australia?

There is a strange thing about Australian Labour Day. Contrary to other contries, Labour Day in Australia is celebrated in March. The reason behind this date is the eight hour labour day movement that occured in the month of March. This is the reason Labour Day is celebrated in the Month of March in Australia.

Why is there a Labor Day holiday?

Labour Day is officially a holiday in most of the countries. The purpose of this holiday is to give labourers a rst from work. Another vital purpose for this day is to make them realise that they are an important sector of the society and of the economy.

What is considered Labor Day weekend?

In the United States and Australia, the Labour Day is celebrated on Mondays. By doing so, the weekend gets extended and people have a long weekend to enjoy with family and friends. Setting Monday for the Labour Day is a unique idea, and therefore, it is also considered as Labour Day weekend.

Is Labor Day weekend before or after Labor Day?


Labour Day in America marks the end of the summer season. Labour Day is the last day of the three days long weekend. Some people get back to work or to school the following Tuesday, while others take a break from work or school and spend the whole week on vacations celebrating the end of summer.